In 5 Stappen Goed Voorbereid Op Een Exit

How to successfully sell your technology business  There is no denying there is a very strong cycle happening within technology M&A with greater leverage being continuously available and multiples on the rise. In the last two quarters however, valuations of listed tech firms have come down. Fortunately, we still see lots of interest from investors […]

Besides reducing costs, there are plenty things you can do

What can you do to cope and increase your company’s chances of survival in these trying times?There are plenty of other things you can do, besides reducing costs. Here are a few suggestions to set you thinking. Structural changes This is the time to realize structural changes. But remember to keep looking forward, even now. Focus […]

Every crisis can be turned into an opportunity

It is our mission to help to build more valuable companies. That means also – and especially – being on hand in times of crisis to help companies emerge stronger and with renewed value afterwards. The current situation is having a dramatic impact on businesses. However, we’ve already learned a couple of things from our […]

Waarom Werken Met Een Investeerder?

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure to spend some time with Finance Master´s students at my alma mater, VU University. One of the topics we touched upon is: How can venture capital help you create more shareholder value, without diluting financially? It’s the topic of a conversation I am often having with founders and board […]