How we help
Invest, Build & Sell

Through our deep financial and operational expertise, we are fast in recognising value, the key steps to success and take a proactive role in guiding our clients there

Building & Scaling

Through Connect Capital’s signature Building & Scaling Program, we help founders and investors enhance the value of their tech-enabled businesses. Our strategic, financial and operational expertise enables us to translate strategy into an action plan and coach the team during this fast-paced phase.

Examples of our activities:

  • Dissect financials into key value drivers for tech companies and derive an actionable plan
  • Define strategic decisions and operational actions building a scalable business (e.g. solving for sales productivity, US market entry to business model changes)
  • A business model should support its strategy. We help to connect owners and managers to necessary expertise (Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Product) and leaders in these fields
  • Value creation monitoring, supporting the exciting growth journey as an advisory board member or an external adviser

Acquiring & Investing

Through our specialisation in B2B tech-enabled businesses, we are fast in identifying value on the buy-side. Investors and entrepreneurs source high quality investment opportunities through our deep network of founders, owners and managers. 

Examples of our activities: 

  • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Find targets and investment opportunities beyond the beaten track for our network of investors
  • We are hands-on assisting acquirers in deal structuring, negotiations and anything necessary to get the deal done
  • We tend to take the long view supporting owners, post transaction in setting up management participation structures or management buy-ins opportunities

Raising & Selling

With our short track Selling & Raising Program, we assist owners and managers to prepare for a capital raising or exit. Through our excellent network of top tier buyers and investors, we connect entrepreneurial ambition with capital. 

Examples of our activities: 

  • We lead the process from preparation to valuation, indicative bids, deal structuring, due diligence, negotiations and everything necessary to close a transaction
  • We support owners and managers with our specific short track to success, driving insights on business performance through our proprietary benchmarking and financial analytics tools, enabling qualitative investor conversations

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